别 名: The Handmaiden|下女的诱惑(台)|下女诱罪(港)|指匠情挑|아가씨
英文名: The Handmaiden
导 演: 朴赞郁
简 介: 公爵(河正宇 饰)为了得到日本贵族秀子小姐(金敏喜 饰)的财产,意欲娶她为妻,而后以其患上精神疾病为由将秀子送入精神病院。为了实现自己的阴谋,公爵将出生于小偷世家的南淑熙(金泰璃 饰)送到秀子的身边担任女佣,如此一来两人里应外合,深闺之中不谙世事的秀子和她的万贯家财根本 就是他们的囊中之物。 在南淑熙的眼中,秀子天真而又脆弱,善良但是敏感,随着时间的推移,朝夕相处的两人之间产生了真挚的情谊,而公爵虚伪而又贪婪的假面渐渐令南淑熙意欲作呕。可是,面对高额的报酬,南淑熙选择了背叛,在她的游说之下,秀子和公爵私奔,举行了结婚仪式,就在这时,发生了一件令南淑熙再也想不到的意外。详细


别 名: The Bathroom
英文名: The Bathroom
导 演: Gregory Cohen
简 介: 固定机位单长镜头讲述1973年风暴中发生在一间浴室里一群陌生人之间的故事 The story of a bathroom around the time of the Chilean military coup of 1973. A film composed of several stories that take place in a bathroom during the era of Chile's military dictatorship. Gregory Cohen's film tells the story of a series of events that take place on a bathroom on a family house in Santiago (Chile). The movie has some particularly amusing moments and takes on quite a challenging theme (the camera never leaves the bathroom, nor does it show it from more than one point of view). 20 years inside a Chilean bathroom. A monitoring camera unveils the cultural, social and domestic changes that take place in Chile between1968 and 1988. Hippies, political prisoners, businessmen, teachers and others go by through that bathroom in different periods, with their humor, passions and hopes... without imagining, that they are being observed. Why a fixed camera? Because it simulates a "concealed spy" that only sees. This "documentalist objectivity" helps the audience increasing its curiosity, reinforcing the credibility of situations, even though these seem very odd. Why a bathroom? Because in this context all the decency, concealed secrets that hardly we manifest come out. It is an excellent metaphor for Chile of today and of yesterday. Why 1968-1988? Beacuse 1968 underlines a stage of cultural and political unrest in Chile and in the rest of the world in general. 1988 marks the end of dictatorship, a new kind of life in Chile because of the level of violence and mistrust that was caused. These years are of great dramatic diversity and intensity due to its changes and breakups. What does this fixed camera want? The director needs to develop a particular, dramatic intensity and a simple language that is able to give movements and life to the whole representation. The artistic director has to convert this bathroom into a multisensory and multifaceted one, changing its materials and artefacts peculiar of this period and the use of the bathroom itself. The cinematographer has to accept the disguised tone of this camera that detects and legitimates everything: the widespread shadow, the imperfect light of a lightbulb, the exit of an actor from the scene, and so on.详细
Beauty小姐 第9期:大s实名羡慕李湘豪华浴室 2018-12-19

Beauty小姐 第9期:大s实名羡慕李湘豪华浴室

时 间: 16小时前
节 目: Beauty小姐
简 介: 李湘来袭气场超强,不过她偷偷跟大s说自己其实是个小女人,小细节透露家里情况引大s实名羡慕,大喊“你的家好大啊!”湘姐更是现场大方送出海量贵妇护肤品,围观!


英文名: Steam
导 演: Eldar Rapaport
简 介: 两个男人在蒸气浴室里干柴烈火般的激情过后,却突然发现浴室没有了门。他们忧虑,害怕,一边思考一边交谈。猛然间,其中一个意识到了事情的真相原委,原来惊人的真相就在天堂地狱间...第3届Iris世界同志短片大赛冠军得主。详细
Beauty小姐:张嘉倪揭秘浴室中的神奇仪器,效果特别好 0:01:25


时 间: 2018-11-14
上传者: 凌春娱乐大神
简 介: Beauty小姐:张嘉倪揭秘浴室中的神奇仪器,效果特别好
《beauty小姐》李湘直言浴室就是后宫,大S大吃一惊刷新三观 0:00:43


时 间: 2小时前
上传者: 多肉SAMA
节 目: Beauty小姐
简 介: 《beauty小姐》李湘直言浴室就是后宫,大S大吃一惊刷新三观
《beauty小姐》来袭 大s携马伯骞带你揭秘明星浴室 0:01:48

《beauty小姐》来袭 大s携马伯骞带你揭秘明星浴室

时 间: 2018-10-22
节 目: 口红王子
Beauty小姐 第3期:佘诗曼浴室跳洗澡舞萌坏 2018-11-07

Beauty小姐 第3期:佘诗曼浴室跳洗澡舞萌坏

时 间: 2018-11-07
节 目: Beauty小姐
简 介: 佘诗曼驾到!原以为霸气十足,却是温柔可人,原以为腹黑满满,却是善良知心,来看你不知道的佘诗曼!现场还原早上洗澡全程好鬼畜,这么萌的“娘娘”再给我来一打。
Beauty小姐 张嘉倪豪华浴室曝光, 内设汗蒸房, 超多限量版护肤品 0:01:56

Beauty小姐 张嘉倪豪华浴室曝光, 内设汗蒸房, 超多限量版护肤品

时 间: 2018-11-26
上传者: 娱乐笑笑谈
简 介: Beauty小姐 张嘉倪豪华浴室曝光, 内设汗蒸房, 超多限量版护肤品
beauty小姐:沈梦辰进自己的浴室需要勇气?这是为何! 0:00:57


时 间: 5小时前
上传者: 章博士看科技云
简 介: beauty小姐:沈梦辰进自己的浴室需要勇气?这是为何!
Beauty小姐:梁洁浴室出现神秘“方形物品”,小S犀利逼问 0:01:54


时 间: 4天前
上传者: 真的快乐起来
简 介: 多笑笑,会慢慢让自己真的快乐起来。
浴室老板挟持“KTV小姐”一路施暴 0:02:10


时 间: 2018-07-22
上传者: 树上黄鹂鸟
简 介: 忘掉昨日的苦楚,抬头面对明天的太阳
《beauty小姐》沈梦辰浴室被围观,浓浓酒店风遭吐槽,网友:尤其是这点! 0:01:28


时 间: 2018-10-27
上传者: 酸橙说娱
节 目: 口红王子
简 介: 娱乐资讯: 《口红王子》沈梦辰浴室被围观,浓浓酒店风遭吐槽,网友:尤其是这点!
Beauty小姐张嘉倪豪华浴室曝光,内设汗蒸房,超多限量版护肤品 0:01:56


时 间: 7天前
上传者: 暮光说闺蜜
简 介: 更新你的思想,你就能获得新生。
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