寂寞也挥发着余香,原来情动正是这样! 0:00:09


时 间: 6天前
上传者: Seaport
简 介: 寂寞也挥发着余香,原来情动正是这样!$$$$有心人(伴奏)
一看到石闻的分数,吴月好难受,这样的姐妹情特别好 0:01:22


时 间: 2018-11-29
上传者: e影视
主 题: 9期:奚梦瑶带维密超模变身梦露
《O型血》Fon不愿公开就想地下情,Bin不满:我们这样要多久 0:01:06


时 间: 2018-12-18
上传者: Kristvarma
电视剧: O型血
主 题: 泰国少年勇敢追爱
简 介: 《O型血》Fon不愿公开就想地下情,Bin不满:我们这样要多久


别 名: Ukrainian Rhapsody Ukrainskaya rapsodiya
英文名: Ukrainian Rhapsody
简 介: Sergei Parajanov's 89 minute color feature also known as "Ukrainskaya rapsodiya" about 2 lovers separated during World War II.详细
The "Thank You" Girls

The "Thank You" Girls(菲律宾语/2008)电影

别 名: Kung giunsa pagbuhat og binisayang law-oy
英文名: Kung giunsa pagbuhat og binisayang law-oy
导 演: Charliebebs Gohetia
简 介: A group of professional gay pageant contestants who never actually win anything (referred to sarcastically as "thank you girls," in reference to the obligatory script a pageant host would throw to losing candidates as they flock out of stage), travel by jeepney, rickety from the years of use but beautified by its passengers' sheer creativity, from a losing stint in Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City, where they would try their luck in another pageant.详细


别 名: Roseland
英文名: Roseland
导 演: Fredric Hobbs
The Cut-Throats

The Cut-Throats(英语/1969)电影

别 名: The Cut-Throats
英文名: The Cut-Throats
导 演: 约翰·海耶斯
主 演: E Jay Scott
简 介: Captain Kohler recruits an outfit of five American soldiers besides himself (dubbed "The Cut-Throats,") to attack a German stronghold to capture battle plans... although his real motive is to steal a cache of jewels that is Nazi plunder. After the enemy soldiers are gunned down, the beautiful women in the compound treat The Dirty Half-Dozen to a stage show and, later, themselves.详细


别 名: When The Owl Flies
英文名: When The Owl Flies
主 演: E H
简 介: Rejisser: Sh.Mahmudbayov. Screenwriter: M.Ibrahimbayov. Director of photography: A.Narimanbayov. Art director: K.Najafzadeh. Composer: E.Sabitoglu. Cast of characters: H.Turabov, E.Gafarzadeh, I.Osmanly, G.Gurbanova, F.Sharifova, Y.Nuriyev, V.Aliyev, S.Rasulova, F.Mammadov. Synopsis: After the novelette of the same name of M.Ibrahimbayov. Tahir is twelwe. His parents are seperating and he is troubled by incident which impels his guestion the nature of relations between men and women. "Azerbaijanfilm", 1978, 35mm, 8 parth, 2082m, Colour. Shamil Mahmudbayov Director: (1924 -1997 Baku). 1950 years he studied in Moscow State Institute of cinematography. From 1954 he started in "Azerbaijanfilm" studio. Filmography: 1."Romeo is my neighbour" - (1963) 2."The gipsy girl" - (1965) 3."The land, the sea, the fire, the sky" -(1968) 4."Shared bread" -(1972) 5."When the owl flies" - (1978) 6."In the fire"(1979) 7."Lonely pomegranate's story" - (1984)详细


别 名: Godmonster of Indian Flats
英文名: Godmonster of Indian Flats
导 演: Fredric Hobbs
简 介: 美国内华达州的古矿场冒出怪烟,一头昂藏八尺高的巨兽从胚胎里地底孵出。其后,这头怪兽于市内横冲直撞,伤及无辜。市长征召市民围捕之,巨兽最终被收服并制成标本,更被命名为「世界第八大奇景」!详细


别 名: 暴雨狂云
英文名: Town Without Pity
简 介: In 1960 Germany, Army lawyer Major Steve Garrett is assigned to defend four American soldiers charged with raping 16 year-old Karin Steinhof. She was swimming in a nearby river when the four of them came across her and they were soon arrested thereafter. Maj. Garrett is anything but impressed with his clients but his job is to give them the best defense possible. He tries to obtain a plea bargain but Karin's father flatly refuses and the prosecutor, Colonel Jerome Pakenham, is seeking the death penalty. In order for the death penalty to be applied, the defense attorney must have the opportunity to thoroughly examine the victim under oath. He sympathizes with Karin and does his best to convince Karin father to keep her from testifying. When he refuses, Garrett is left will little choice but to attack her on the stand. Written by garykmcd详细


别 名: 匈京逃命记
英文名: The Journey
简 介: 1956年11月,匈牙利革命进行得如火如荼之时。一组旅行团游客滞留在机场。同行人中,来自英国的阿什莫尔女士被电视台记者朋友认出,他们结伴乘巴士欲穿越奥匈边境,沿途却被俄国军队拦下。 旅行团中,一位名叫弗莱明的英国男士身负重伤,身份扑朔不明。而阿什莫尔女士却又处处替他着想 ,似乎有什么不可告人的秘密。俄国军官的盛情邀请让众人不知所从。而随着时间的推移,阿什莫尔女士与俄国军官之间的关系也发生了微妙的变化……详细


别 名: Oh Moon 哦,月亮
英文名: Oh Moon
导 演: 热哈·埃尔坦
简 介: 11岁的女孩Yekta生活在伊斯坦布尔海峡边一幢神秘房子里,母亲的卧室是她发呆做梦、吐露心声的栖息处,母亲某日登上小船后再没有回来,有天夜里Yekta看到母亲坐船从房间窗户回来了,但无人相信她说的话。因不愿被送往寄宿学校,她也登上了小船。详细
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