英文名: XXL
导 演: Julio Sánchez Valdés
简 介: Normally in Spanish movies the sex its an important part of any movie,but in this case is too much including for Larry flint.if anybody see this film be careful,if you are a feminist activist this movie will make you sick,in this film all women are bitches ,the actors are too bad ,the jokes doesn't exists,(the director try to make funny a racist aggression),the scrip awful,if anybody try to learn Spanish please don't see this movie,and what about the actors,nothing special,we have a fat called"bowling",brainless muscle men,and an incontinent chopper,like many Spanish films drugs are "good"no matter what it could hurt you health..another awful film ready to be toss to trash.详细
XXL 码比基尼女神Ashley Graham 0:01:02

XXL 码比基尼女神Ashley Graham

时 间: 2018-11-07
上传者: 水木冬
寒流来袭 秋衣巧挑选 您穿的真的是XXL号吗? 0:03:04

寒流来袭 秋衣巧挑选 您穿的真的是XXL号吗?

时 间: 2016-09-30
节 目: 生活2016
霍思燕竟拿XXL的“挂锁”当包包 十分别致 0:01:03

霍思燕竟拿XXL的“挂锁”当包包 十分别致

时 间: 2018-09-27
上传者: 时尚快车
节 目: 时尚潮流
简 介: 霍思燕竟拿XXL的“挂锁”当包包 十分别致
J.I.D Freestyle — 2018 XXL 0:01:59

J.I.D Freestyle — 2018 XXL

时 间: 2018-06-23
简 介: J.I.D Freestyle — 2018 XXL FreshmanJ.I.D.绝对是最独特的那一个 别人都一分钟外加摇就完了 结果J.I.D.一气儿不断的来了两分钟的Lyricism派 也证明了自己的歌词能力 L营养怪兽的秒拍视频 ​​​​
北京三里屯Let's Play XXL  互动多媒体方案 0:02:49

北京三里屯Let's Play XXL 互动多媒体方案

时 间: 2016-02-04
简 介: 北京三里屯Let's Play XXL 互动多媒体方案
2018 XXL FRESHMEN 0:03:35


时 间: 2018-08-13
Cypher 2018 XXL Freshman 0:03:24

Cypher 2018 XXL Freshman

时 间: 2018-07-16
歌 曲: Cypher
XXXTENTACION去年2017XXL Freshman Cypher未公开说唱片段 0:03:39

XXXTENTACION去年2017XXL Freshman Cypher未公开说唱片段

时 间: 2018-06-22
上传者: Hhiphop大世界
简 介: XXXTENTACION去年2017XXL Freshman Cypher未公开说唱片段
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