贼 通用-预告-3.0

(希腊语/原版/1952) 电影

英文名: The Thief
导 演: Russell Rouse
简 介: A telephone rings in the dark—three times, pauses, then rings three times again. A fully-clothed figure lights a cigarette before rising from bed, dons a raincoat, then sets out into the night. Another figure emerges from the shadows, lights a cigarette, then discards a crumpled cigarette pack, which the first picks up and carries home. Back in his room, the first man places the refuse on his desk, paces apprehensively about his apartment before he finally removes the inner foil and examines it. After letting what it reveals sink in, he sets it on fire, and a cold look comes over his face... Thus begins The Thief, a 1952 cold war, espionage thriller—unique in that it is completely without dialogue—directed by Russell Rouse, and produced by Clarence Greene, who co-wrote the screenplay. Allan Fields (Ray Milland) is an award-winning nuclear scientist working at the Atomic Energy Commission research laboratory. He is also a spy, photographing top secret documents, then relaying the miniature film canisters back through an elaborate network to enemy agents in Egypt. His signal is the telephone, and his liaison outlines his assignments through instructions on his cigarette refuse, with nary a word spoken. It is a dangerous business, and one that creates many close calls—too close for comfort. When one of his assignments goes awry, the FBI begins to close in, and the race is on to leave the country before he is caught. The Thief has all the trappings of classic noir. Produced at the height of the "Red Scare," the film manages to maintain a constant state of tension, relying heavily on reaction shots and Herschel Burke Gilbert's riveting musical score. The cinematography heightens the effect, utilizing lighting and camera angles to convey the unspoken. Milland, who won an Oscar® for his role in Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend, carries the part off to perfection, letting the audience read his character's thoughts solely through facial expression and body language. The direction also fools the audience into anticipating dialogue, then cleverly avoiding it. Only the Oscar®-nominated score and sound effects break the silence. This is a fascinating use of visuals to tell a story, and a gripping suspense film, which held my interest throughout, and aside from one sequence where Fields' conscience begins to plague him, the narrative is fairly straight forward, without much in the way of gimmickry. Avoid the back cover text because it gives away the ending, which was the only part that didn't really work for this reviewer. For those interested in cold war-era film noir, this is certainly worth a look, if for no other reason than its uniqueness.详细



(普通话/原版/2008) 电影

英文名: Thife
导 演: 李耀东
主 演: 王冰封 赵国章 王李
简 介: 一场都市生活的闹剧,一次道德底线的碰触,一出令人捧腹又倍感心酸的演绎,一声无奈地呐喊——《贼》这一部高清作品向我们绘声绘色的讲述了生活在都市底层的无业小青年、痴傻的乞讨者以及善于伪装的小偷之间发生偷窃与被偷窃,侮辱与被侮辱,人性的挣扎与沉沦。当这种小人物式的沉重被用一种活灵活现又不失幽默地口吻讲述出来,给人一种加倍的心灵触动,让人深省......详细
最真的时光 Au voleur 通用-预告-3.0

最真的时光 Au voleur (2009) 电影

别 名: Au voleur The Real Life 完美人生 有小偷!
英文名: Au voleur
简 介: 讲述的是女主人公Isabelle(弗萝伦斯•卢瓦雷饰)是一位年轻的女教师,而男主人公Bruno(吉约姆•德帕迪约饰)是一个以偷窃为生的贼,而两人不期而遇选择在一起并开始相信他们一定可以找到幸福的途径。毕竟Bruno是个小偷,当警察想尽一切办法逮捕他的那天,Bruno带着Isabelle一起逃跑到一片森林中。他们打算永久的远离外面的暴力世界,他们选择隐居在那里并深爱着对方,直到永远…详细

(2012) 电影

导 演: 平尾隆之
简 介: 大学即将毕业,美丽的女学生华织(片岡未来 配音)约上好友惠理香(谷口亜実 配音)、纪子(佐伯まさみ 配音),离开东京前往冲绳,计划借宿男友阿忠(根岸拓馬 配音)叔叔的别墅做毕业旅行。在当地,她们不断闻到死尸般的恶臭味。不久,长着尖刺长脚的怪鱼闯入别墅,它们以极快的速度奔走,并且攻击华织等人。很快她们发现,数以万计的步行鱼登陆冲绳海滩,引起巨大的恐慌。不止如此,东京方面也成为步行鱼的天下。担心阿忠的情况,华织毅然返回东京。面对这个末日般的城市,她如何才能找到阿忠呢? 本片根据恐怖漫画家伊藤润二的同名原著改编。详细

(韩语/原版/2011) 电影

别 名: 물고기
英文名: A Fish
导 演: 朴洪敏
简 介: 电影以不到1亿的低预算制作了这部3D奇幻剧情片,讲述了发生在寻找妻子的教授,和调查到教授妻子已成为一名巫师的侦探所职员间的故事。影片画面游走于现实与幻想之间,令人难以区分。详细

生死谍变 (韩语/原版/1999) 电影

别 名: 쉬리
英文名: Swiri
导 演: 姜帝圭
简 介: 金明姬是朝鲜第八特别部队的特工,自1993年潜入韩国之后,暗杀了多名政要。她的行动引起了韩国特工机构的注意,并派特工崔相焕(韩石奎 饰)和李正希(宋康浩 饰)调查她的下落,可是她却销声匿迹了。 1998年,金明姬又出现了,她让黑市军火商人林光超帮忙找新武器液体炸弹CTX,林贿赂国防部研究院的研究员金宗叔帮他偷,没有得手。事情暴露后,二人先后被金明姬杀害。 因为金明姬的失败,朝鲜派出了以卜万坤(崔岷植 饰)为首的特工队伍,在韩国军队运送CTX参加军火展览途中将炸弹劫走,准备破坏即将举办的两国友谊足球比赛。 这一切,让崔相焕、李正希和他们的上司高部长十分苦恼,他们发现,金明姬总能先他们一步找到目标,破坏他们的行动,金明姬就在他们身边,或许正是最亲近,最不设防的那个人。详细