Billy (英语/2019) 电影

英文名: Billy
简 介: Zachary Epcar’s oblique psychodrama follows Billy and Allison through an evening of ominous disturbances. As flames dance, flashlights flicker, and domestic objects scatter in all directions, the couple’s home becomes a theater of contemporary anxiety.详细
Billy Connolly 'Bites Yer Bum!'

Billy Connolly 'Bites Yer Bum!' (英语/1981) 电影

别 名: Billy Connolly: Bites Your Bum Bites Yer Bum
英文名: Bites Yer Bum
简 介: 英国最伟大相声表演艺术家苏格兰人比利.康诺利的“哈巴狗”专场表演。 sonychen 注详细
Billy Boy

Billy Boy (英语/1954) 电影

别 名: Billy Boy
英文名: Billy Boy
导 演: 特克斯·艾弗里
主 演: 道斯·巴特勒
简 介: A farmer is initially delighted to get a baby goat, but this soon turns to apprehension when he discovers that it eats literally anything (including, at one point, the animation artwork!)详细
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dwyet-hayrat-tuntekov-_-michae -billy-jean

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比利在身边 (英语/2005) 电影

别 名: Regarding Billy 比利在身边
英文名: Regarding Billy
导 演: Jeff London
简 介: After Billy's parents are killed he moves home to care for his little brother Johnny, who is mentally challenged. Together the two struggle through the loss of their parents. Meanwhile, Billy's best friend from childhood, Dean, has moved back to town having been injured from the war in Iraq. Over time, Billy's childhood feelings toward Dean resurface, feelings that he fears may end their friendship if discovered. Both men discover hidden secrets that will change their lives forever. These three people must come together to rebuild friendships and family in a time where everything in their world seems unsure. 当比利父母被杀害后,他搬回家来照顾神经有问题的第弟约翰尼, 他们对父母的死亡颇为悲痛。同时, 比利的童年好友丹尔, 因为在伊拉克战争受伤,也搬回小镇了。当时间过去, 比利对丹尔的童年感觉开始涌现, 他担心这些感觉被人知道了,就会结束他们的友谊。他们两个都发现能永远改变他们生活的秘密。这三个人必须在缺乏信心时,携手重建友谊和家庭详细
Billy Connolly Live 1994

Billy Connolly Live 1994 (英语/1994) 电影

英文名: Billy Connolly Live 1994
简 介: 英国最伟大相声表演艺术家苏格兰人比利.康诺利的1994年表演集锦。 sonychen 注详细
World Tour of Australia

World Tour of Australia (英语) 电影

别 名: Billy Connolly&apos s World Tour of Australia Billy Connolly: World Tour of Australia
英文名: Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia
简 介: 英国最伟大相声表演艺术家苏格兰人比利.康诺利的环球表演之澳大利亚站。 sonychen详细

男孩比利 (英语/2017) 电影

英文名: Billy Boy
简 介: Billy Forsetti has grown up poor, desperate and angry. His best friend, Mikey, has taught him how to steal and fight his way through life. Add a couple of friends, and introduce the world of carjacking-amateurs seeking thrills and cash-it all leads to an intoxicating time. But when Mikey and Billy's values collide over where to draw the line, Mikey explodes and Billy finds himself estranged and wanting to move on. Billy takes up with a beautiful girl and finds a more promising life. But when a carjacking goes wrong, his past becomes a shadow that darkens and threatens his future. Mistrust, jealousy and fear will chase Billy down a rabbit hole that might leave him no way out.详细
Billy Sheehan Rotosound 0:00:55

Billy Sheehan Rotosound

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布朗科比利的复活 (英语/1970) 电影

别 名: The Resurrection of Broncho Billy 布兰科.比利的复活 布朗科比利的复活
英文名: The Resurrection of Broncho Billy
简 介: 牛仔梦详细