迈克·比尔比利亚:新生儿 (英语/2019) 电影

英文名: Mike Birbiglia: The New One
简 介: 喜剧演员迈克·比尔比利亚在百老汇奉上一场滑稽而深刻的单人秀,讲述他为人之父的身心之旅。详细

伊利和纳普穆克 (原版/2000) 电视剧

别 名: Ely & Nepomuk
英文名: Ely & Nepomuk
简 介: 可爱的小片子~小孩子和小狗一起生活在小山上,一天天过得很开心。有一天山的旁边修了公路,公路上的人告诉小孩子很多事情,小孩子变得忧心忡忡。后来他们遇到了大蛇,小孩子意识到开开心心的和朋友在一起比什么都重要~详细

疯狂的菲利克斯 (1928) 电影

别 名: Um Filme de Otto Messmer
英文名: Um Filme de Otto Messmer
导 演: 奥图·梅斯默
简 介: 7 min详细

哈克贝利·芬和他的伙伴 (英语/原版/1979) 电视剧

别 名: Huckleberry Finn and His Friends
英文名: Huckleberry Finn and His Friends
简 介: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huckleberry_Finn_and_His_Friends详细

克魯利提塞斯一家 (1996) 电影

别 名: 克魯利提塞斯一家
导 演: Varis Brasla
简 介: Great films don’t always need to be “great” films. They don’t have to be perfect or about important topics. Sometimes they can just simply be small, gentle films that tell their story with heartfelt sincerity, humor and warmth. Ziemassvētku jampadracis is such a film. Jampadracis tells the story of the Cīrulīši, a tight-knit family down on their luck, and their trials and tribulations during the Christmas season. Father Cīrulītis has just been turned down for a job as a music teacher. He can barely support the family as a piano teacher with far too few students. They can’t even afford a Christmas tree. The landlord is threatening to kick them out. The kids have just received their report cards and some of the marks are not, well, they are not the kind that you would want your parents to see. The eldest son has been summoned to the police station falsely accused of hitting a policeman with a snowball. And, to top it all off the child prodigy—whom the two youngest kids have been entrusted with entertaining—has just been injured on the eve of his concert. The pair is sure to be blamed. What ensues is a story that is as genuine as it is warm, a wonderful tale that transcends whatever weaknesses it might have simply because it is told from the heart. The Cīrulīši might be poor and going through hard times, but the love that they have for each other can triumph over anything that comes their way. In contrast, the family of the child prodigy, which has all the wealth and status that anyone could possibly need, seems lost and sad because they lack precisely the one thing that the Cīrulīši have been blessed with. The winner of several awards, among them Chicago’s and Frankfurt’s children’s film festivals, Jampadracis might be characterized as a children’s film, but it is a film for the child in all of us. It transcends the genre. The performances do not contain a single false note and Varis Brasla’s direction and the script by Alvis Lapiņš are exemplary. (source http://latviansonline.com/reviews/article/2088/)详细

品契克利夫大奖赛 (挪威语/1975) 电影

别 名: Hintertupfinger Grand Prix Pinchcliffe Grand Prix 绝壁赛车
英文名: Hintertupfinger Grand Prix
导 演: 伊佛·卡普里诺
简 介: 讲述了西奥多·里姆斯波克(英国上映版本译名,原名Reodor Felgen)和他的两个助手, 热心乐观的喜鹊索尼·达克沃斯(Solan Gundersen)和有些忧郁悲观的刺猬兰伯特(Ludvig)的故事。 西奥多是一名自行车修理工,他发明了许多稀奇古怪的东西。一天他们 发现西奥多的前任助手鲁道夫·戈尔-斯莱米(Rudolf Blodstrupmoen)偷了他的设计去造了一个新引擎,成了世界F1赛车的冠军。 索尼从来品契克利夫度假的阿拉伯石油大亨那得到了资金支持,然后三人合力建造一辆新赛车, Il Tempo Gigante 参加世界汽车大赛的故事。 这部电影由5人团队制作了三年半才得以完成。 由 Ivo Caprino导演, Bjarne Sandemose (Caprino最重要的合作伙伴)制作场景和汽车,Ingeborg Riiser制作木偶 Gerd Alfsen制作服装和场景。 当1975上映后,《品契克利夫大奖赛 Flåklypa Grand Prix》在挪威获得了轰动性的成功, 在第一年上映时便有了一百万人次的观众的票房成绩。随后,作品被译成了16种语言,这在挪威电影史上是没有先例的。详细

菲利克斯在好莱坞 (原版/1923) 电影

别 名: 菲力猫在好莱坞
英文名: Felix in Hollywood
导 演: 奥图·梅斯默
简 介: Felix decides to make his way to Hollywood, but has no money. The owner of a failing shoe store promises Felix $500 if he can help bring in new business, which Felix ingeniously manages to do, but the owner stiffs him out of the money. Felix finds a way to get to Hollywood, anyway, and while there meets up with the famous stars of the day, like Charlie Chaplin and Ben Turpin.详细

希斯克利 (英语/1997) 电影

英文名: Heathcliff
导 演: Terence Bulley
简 介: 改编自艾美丽的呼啸山庄,比较久远的歌舞片了。(详细
森林之子毛克利 通用-预告-3.0

森林之子毛克利 (英语/原版/2018) 电影

别 名: 克利 丛林之书:起源 森林王子 莫格利
英文名: Mowgli
导 演: 安迪·瑟金斯
简 介: 继本尼迪克特-康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)之后,安迪-瑟金斯(Andy Serkis)执导的《丛林之书:起源》(Jungle Book: Origins)日前也公布了更多配音演员名单,克里斯蒂安-贝尔(Christian Bale)、凯特-布兰切特(Cate Blanchett)、娜奥米-哈里斯(Naomie Harris)等多位明星已经确认加盟。《丛林之书:起源》同样拥有豪华的配音阵容,丝毫不逊色于迪士尼投拍的同题材影片《森林王子》(The Jungle Book)。 来自《好莱坞报道者》的消息称,贝尔、布兰切特等多位明星已经加盟《丛林之书:起源》。贝尔将为莫格利的好友,黑豹巴希拉(Begheera)配音;布兰切特将为巨蟒卡奥(Kaa)配音;瑟金斯本人将为大熊巴洛(Baloo)配音;《加勒比海盗》男星汤姆-霍兰德(Tom Hollander)将为老虎谢利-坎的手下,豺狼塔巴奎(Tabaqui)配音;《猜火车》男星彼得-穆兰(Peter Mullan)将为抚养莫格利的狼群首领阿克拉(Akela)配音;《007:大破天幕杀机》女星娜奥米-哈里斯将为母狼妮莎(Nisha)配音;《世界尽头》主演艾迪-马森(Eddie Marsan)将为妮莎的伴侣维汗(Vihaan)配音。曾出演过多部影片的童星罗翰-昌德(Rohan Chand)将饰演莫格利。详细
阿克利桥 第一季

克利桥 第一季 (英语/2017) 电视剧

别 名: 克利桥 第1季 阿克利桥 第一季
英文名: Ackley Bridge
简 介: The merging of two schools causes plenty of problems for headmistress Mandy who has to deal with explosive fall-outs and problem pupils.详细
燃情克利夫兰 第六季 通用-预告-3.0

燃情克利夫兰 第六季 (2014) 电视剧

别 名: 燃情克利夫兰 第6季 燃情克利夫兰 第六季Hot in Cleveland
英文名: Hot in Cleveland
简 介: TV Land is keeping Hot in Cleveland around. The cable network has renewed the half-hour sitcom for a sixth season consisting of 24 episodes. The announcement was made during rehearsals for the 100th episode taping Friday. Hot in Cleveland stars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick and is currently in the middle of its fifth season. The comedy has averaged 2.6 million viewers since its June lumia922.com launch and will kick off its syndication run in September. “There’s instant magic when our cast, writers and crew get together for each episode,” said Larry W.详细

哈利与马克斯 (英语/2004) 电影

别 名: 哈利与马克斯
英文名: Harry ; Max
导 演: Christopher Münch
简 介: Harry and Max lacks all of the subtle interplay between characters that has so far been a hallmark of Christopher Munch's films. The premise sounded interesting and challenging, but the film was a let down for me. None of the characters here, even Harry and Max themselves, are fully formed. Unfortunately, this means that the salacious premise (the repercussions of two teen pop idol brothers' incest) never overcomes its own silliness. I thought the nearly non-stop chatter between the two main characters would eventually be banished as merely a cover up for their deeper thoughts, but no, apparently this silly dialog was meant to be thought provoking in some way. Why are these guys pop stars? Oh yeah, because who wants to see a movie about incest unless the stars are attractive? It should be central to their characters, but it seems only to be an excuse for Harry to have some sort of A Star is Born angst and for the audience to see pretty faces. Max is infatuated with Harry, then Harry is infatuated with Max, both sleep with the other's past loves, vague hints are given about their messed up family and absolutely NOTHING of significance about love, human nature, lust, relationships, or anything else is ever revealed. Not helping matters is the cursery development of all other characters. Josiah, Roxanne and Jordan are all treated like pieces of the set to be moved around at the need of the director. None has any depth, motivations or interesting qualities beyond their usefulness as background for Harry and Max. Even the boys' mother is reduced to two minutes of muddled screen time bitchiness. Nikki, for me, was the only interesting character here, but the reasons for her choices are never explored and in the end she winds up as flat as all the others. Writers need to make choices and here none have been made. Either focus only on Harry and Max, or focus on their world, but please do one or the other with some degree of success! To my mind, this is Christopher Munch's worst film to date, not because of its scandalous subject matter, but because of its inability to reveal anything of interest about it! 兄弟禁断之爱。哥哥哈瑞是前男孩乐队成员,看着16岁的弟弟马克在他之后成为青年偶象。这个冬天,本来打算去日本的他绕路陪伴马克帐篷旅行。但起初充满欢乐和兄弟情谊的旅行却很快冷却下来,他们之间的问题重新浮出水面,无法忽视,迫使他们面对那伤痕累累的过去:哈瑞酗酒的毛病,他对家庭的疏离,还有他与马克的暧昧关系。这些,在他们成长的岁月中,如影随形;两人的感情,也始终寻不到确切的出口。 这是一部耐看的作品。有点像小品,有点像实验电影,乍看之下朴实无华,仔细看了,却是此中有深意。两兄弟有个自私又贪财的母亲,只有彼此可以依靠。一起成长,积累回忆,情不自禁成为彼此最在意的人。虽然不是那种伴侣,或者,他们那样才是终身伴侣吧。然而,无关哥哥的酗酒,还有他们的家庭困境,他们只是无法纯粹地在一起。每个人都有Dark Side的部分,只有最亲近的人,才会让他见到自己最不堪的一面吧。亲情,友情,爱情,界限又在哪里呢? “反观我们一起成长的那段人生里 大多数人想有个一个像Harry这样的哥哥 但我们无法控制 相互吸引”详细

克利佛巴克恐怖系列之恶童之疫 (英语/2006) 电影

别 名: 克利佛巴克恐怖系列之恶童之疫Clive Barker&apos s The Plague The Plague
英文名: The Plague
导 演: Hal Masonberg
简 介: 一群沉睡的孩子醒来袭击大人们。详细

维克托与维多利亚 (德语/1933) 电影

别 名: Viktor and Viktoria Viktor und Viktoria
英文名: Viktor und Viktoria
导 演: Reinhold Schünzel
简 介: Aspiring singer Susanne takes over for ham actor Viktor at a small cabaret in Berlin where he works a woman impersonator and per chance she's discovered by an agent, who thinks, that she really is a man. She becomes famous, but her situation becomes troublesome, when she falls in love with Robert详细

蒙迪·克利夫特 (英语/2017) 电影

别 名: Monty Clift
英文名: Monty Clift
主 演: 马特·波莫
简 介: 孔雀将饰演好莱坞传奇同性恋男星蒙哥马利·克利夫特。蒙哥马利得过4次奥斯卡提名,拥有一张连上帝都嫉妒的完美的脸,但在同性恋作为禁忌的年代只能生活在柜里。 17岁的伊丽莎白·泰勒在片场看他的第一眼就陷入爱河,他们曾被认为是好莱坞大银幕上最登对的情侣,可他最终还是拒绝了佳人, 两人发展出一段至死不渝的友情。电影就是讲述两人从相恋到相知的故事。 ◎QAF详细