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Headhunterz LIVE D...

时 间: 2019-07-02
Love Live! Sunshine!! 全13集

Love Live! Sunshine!! (日语版/TV版/2016) 动漫

别 名: ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!
导 演: 酒井和男
简 介: 位于静冈县沼津市海边小镇·内浦的私立浦之星女学院。在骏河湾一角的这所小小高中,以二年级高海千歌为中心的9名少女,怀抱着远大的梦想挺身而出。那就是,成为闪闪发亮的“学园偶像”!不放弃的话,一定能实现梦想……现在只需朝着闪耀的目标,拼命地向前奔跑吧!她们的“大家实现的故事”(School Idol Project)由此开始了!详细
陈奕迅不插电《无条件》live简直比cd还好听耳朵会怀孕 0:04:27


时 间: 2019-09-16
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简 介: 陈奕迅不插电《无条件》live简直比cd还好听耳朵会怀孕
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时 间: 昨天
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现场Live 0:00:12


时 间: 2019-02-26
热河 (Live) 0:08:00

热河 (Live)

时 间: 2019-03-16
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真live真音乐 2011

live真音乐 2011 (2011) 综艺

主持人: 陈正飞 吴瑕
简 介: 《真Live真音乐》是广东卫视一档音乐节目,节目每期都会邀请不同风格的两组音乐人现场展现“真音乐”的力量,并以妙趣横生的访谈呈现音乐人的真性情、真体验以及音乐背后的真实故事,观众可以通过节目欣赏到乐坛一线歌手同台飚歌的风采, 领略巨星碰撞的真情火花。详细
七里香 (04无与伦比演唱会 Live) 0:04:56

七里香 (04无与伦比演唱会 Live)

时 间: 2013-10-11
歌 手: 周杰伦
歌 曲: 七里香 (2004无与伦比演唱会)
Portishead:Roseland NYC Live

Portishead:Roseland NYC Live (1998) 纪录片

简 介: PNYC: Portishead - Roseland New York Portishead concert in the Roseland Ballroom, New York City, on the 24th July 1997 with tracks from the albums "Dummy" and "Portishead" played by the band and a 30 piece orchestra.详细
周杰伦 - 瓦解Live 0:03:40

周杰伦 - 瓦解Live

时 间: 2018-04-13
上传者: 新志远说音乐
简 介: 周杰伦 - 瓦解Live
Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion

Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion (2006) 纪录片

简 介: The show was recorded at the San Francisco club The Purple Onion in June 2005. In addition to Zach's routine, which features Zach's trademark dry humor, a large portion of which is accompanied by a light piano piece played by Zach as bed music. It ends with Zach tearing off pages of a large pad of paper which contain prewritten, largely self deprecating jokes, while a boys choir sings Greatest Love of All. The DVD contains two separate sections which are cut to throughout the routine, often at times where the content of the routine may have to do with the content of the other portions. One of the sections is an unscripted roadtrip to The Purple Onion in a Volkswagen bus with Zach and his friend Joe Wagner. The banter and happenings that occur seem to provide insights to where Zach gets some of his comedy. The bus ends up breaking down just short of their goal so they finish the trip in rented small car, usually meant for tourists. The roadtrip portrays Zach as a fun-loving guy, different than his stage persona. The second section is a loosely scripted interview of Seth Galifianakis (played by Zach) by Brian Unger. Though Zach, himself, doesn't appear in this section but the aim of the interview seems to be to find the root of Zach's depression and ramblings on stage. The DVD was released March 6, 2007.详细